Group tests for companies & events

In order to detect and break chains of infection at an early stage, it is essential to carry out regular corona tests. Because gatherings may take place primarily in a professional context and now also again in the context of events and functions, we offer rapid antigen tests and PCR laboratory tests for corporate and event customers at special conditions as part of a testing strategy. As a competent test provider, we would like to give you the opportunity to have yourself and your employees and guests tested for the SARS-CoV-2 corona virus before starting work, a meeting or an event, for example.

Group tests for companies

On-site service
e.g. at the workplace or at the location of the event

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You can use our service once or regularly, depending on your needs. Either send your staff to our test centres for a rapid antigen test or PCR test or make an appointment with us to carry out the test at your premises .

We can promise you flexible availability, rapid, conscientious performance of the tests and prompt provision of the test results. You and your staff will receive the results of the rapid antigen test just 20 minutes after the swab has been taken. We can also offer you prompt results for PCR tests. We would be happy to clarify your questions about the Corona Test for corporate clients personally and prepare an individual offer for you.